A recent accident in Amarillo, Texas, is apparently eerily similar to a crash that occurred in 1984, leaving some residents with a bizarre case of deja vu. Official reports show that in both incidents, a tractor-trailer rig pushed another vehicle into a McDonald’s restaurant at the intersection of East Amarillo Boulevard and North Pierce Street. Although only one person was seriously injured in the 1984 truck accident, several people were wounded in the most recent collision.

Authorities say that a crash occurred on April 8 when a tractor-trailer propelled a vehicle into the dining area of the restaurant. The driver of the larger truck had previously struck a Honda sedan at the aforementioned intersection. That collision sent the semi-truck plowing into the McDonald’s parking lot, where the vehicle collided with an SUV that was sitting outside the restaurant. Ultimately, both vehicles plowed through the wall of the McDonald’s building; the semi-truck rolled onto its side, crushing the SUV beneath.

Seven people were injured in the incident, though none of them suffered life-threatening injuries. At least one victim was ejected from the Honda sedan during the crash, but the extent of that person’s injuries remains unknown. Those victims may be eligible for compensation from the at-fault driver and that person’s employer. Authorities say they are still waiting to determine whether they will file charges against the at-fault truck driver. Witnesses said that truck driver apparently plowed through a red light, causing the serious accident.

The truck driver involved in this 18-wheeler accident was behind the wheel of a massive vehicle that could cause serious harm. Commercial-vehicle operators should realize the seriousness of their task, and they should be held accountable for causing such terrifying accidents. Truck drivers have extra responsibilities when they get behind the wheel, and they should be penalized if they endanger or injure members of the general public.

Source: Amarillo Globe-News, “McDejaVu: Boulevard wreck recalls 1984 crash” Russell Anglin, Apr. 11, 2014