Irving, Texas, was the site of a deadly crash on Loop 12, and the police believe that alcohol was a factor. A woman was killed at just 27 years of age, and a man suffered from serious injuries. Another man was driving the car, and the authorities have not yet booked him on charges because he is injured and still getting treatment at the hospital, but they plan to do so once he gets out.

The accident itself happened right around 3:30 in the morning. The vehicle was initially going north on Loop 12, but the driver attempted to exit to get onto 183, heading west. However, due to the alleged alcohol use and excessive speed, the driver could not navigate the turn properly, and the vehicle careened out of control. It flipped over numerous times before finally coming to a stop.

Two people were riding in the back seat of the SUV, and they were thrown from the vehicle as it rolled. One of those two passengers was the man who suffered from very serious injuries, and the other was the young woman who was killed at the scene.

No report was given on the exact nature of the driver’s injuries, nor was his name released to the public at this time. However, the authorities did say that the proposed charges are for intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter.

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Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Drunken driving crash kills woman, injures second passenger on Loop 12 in Irving” Naheed Rajwani, Mar. 13, 2015