Focus On Your Health — Let Us Handle The Legal Issues

When you work with The Levine Law Firm, all you have to do is get better; your attorney will take care of your legal needs, including:

  • Fighting for your compensation: While many attorneys simply settle their cases, Jeremy Levine is committed to doing whatever it takes to obtain the best compensation award for his clients, whether through negotiation or litigation.
  • Handling the insurance company: After an accident, the insurance company agents will be calling you, and they will most likely give you a settlement offer. These offers usually seem generous, but when you consider the long-term medical costs, other expenses and a potentially much greater award, these offers are not as generous as they might seem. Attorney Levine will handle the insurance company for you to make sure you get the best award possible.
  • Handling property damage: The Levine Law Firm makes it a regular practice to handle all car and other property damage claims free of charge when representing clients in their personal injury matters.
  • Assisting you with obtaining medical treatment: One of the most difficult challenges you can face after an accident is finding the medical care you need. The Levine Law Firm will help you formulate the best strategies for obtaining appropriate medical treatment.
  • Walking you through your entire case: Jeremy Levine makes it a point to remain in ongoing contact with clients, helping them understand their rights and options and providing a sound voice of counsel throughout the legal process.

Attorney Jeremy Levine and the entire team at The Levine Law Firm truly care about their clients and the outcomes of their cases. The firm will stand by your side throughout your legal matter. All you have to do is heal. We will focus on helping you get the compensation you need.

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